Government pulls £50m funding from Silicon Roundabout project

- 369 reads

UK law breaches human rights over VAT filing by disabled entrepreneurs

- 525 reads

Scrap plans to recover tax debt from small firms’ bank accounts, says FPB

- 303 reads

Pop-up, up and away…

- 479 reads

Ex-Tech City chief leads campaign against 'super rich colonisation' of Shoreditch

- 651 reads

Dragon Piers Linney to join government SME panel

- 1044 reads

Been there and promoted it: Brilliant marketing tips from a serial entrepreneur

- 1551 reads

UK economy racing ahead of the rest of the world

- 955 reads

Seven ways small businesses can use digital to get closer to customers

- 1914 reads - 1 comment

Commonwealth Games ‘to contribute billions to UK economy’

- 1132 reads

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