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Small businesses push ahead with borrowing in spite of political uncertainty

- 250 reads

Growth in self-employment slows as overall job figures rise

- 419 reads

10 steps to building the perfect website for your business

- 770 reads

Seven marketing tips for cash-strapped entrepreneurs

- 835 reads

A checklist of small business friendly measures the next government should implement

- 1291 reads

Six best practice online marketing tips for small businesses

- 1304 reads - 1 comment

The Green Party's pitch to small businesses

- 692 reads

#Mobilegeddon: Will Google's change to mobile search hurt your business?

- 512 reads

HMRC underestimated impact on small firms of new VAT rules by 10,000%

- 1602 reads

Shaving entrepreneur on a mission to inject secret 'e-sauce' into enterprise hungry firms

- 691 reads

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