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Directory resources for Small Business

Keen to hear the views of the community about listings on directories such as Yell, Free Index etc. What do they offer small businesses and how are they best utilised?



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The Benefits of Listing Your Business in Online Directories

You may have made up your mind by now but for others that have the same dilemma I would like to say the following.

Free listings are great for small businesses and should be exploited to the full. Paid listings should only be considered if your shop or website doesn't attract enough customers as it is but you can always get someone to optimise your website to improve this or opt for Google Pay-per-click sponsored advertising. (I can help if required)

Much depends on your type of business, your customers and your market. Do you have a website? Do you have premises? Do you want a very public company profile? Do you want to reach out to a local, regional, national or international market? All these should influence how you promote your business.

Your choice of directory depends on the customers and area you are trying to reach. I consider very much a consumer directory and applegate more a B2B directory. Google is good for local searches and Freeindex gives you an opportunity to promote your services / product range. (there are many other options)

Just think "how will my customer find me" and pick your search engines / directories / media accordingly.
If you are stuck for ideas, just search Google for a similar business / product / service and copy what they do.

This can be very time-consuming but very effective. It is up to you if you prefer to spend your spare time doing your own marketing / advertising or if you prefer to pay someone else to do it for you...

Hope this helps.
Gil van der Sluis

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