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5 Signs it's time to Move to Bigger Offices

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Feel like you've outgrown your current office and your business is bursting at the seams? Lucky you!

Find out whether it's time to take the plunge and move to a bigger office.

If you suddenly feel that you've outgrown your existing office and long for the need of more office space. Maybe you feel like your fully-staffed office is getting too over crowded, or your flourishing business has increasing needs and your existing office space no longer meets those demands.
A cramped office can damper productivity and lower staff morale, so if it's more space you're after, staying put is definately not an option!
Here are 5 signs you've outgrown your existing office space and it's time to expand to pastures new:

Cramped workstations
Your staff need to be physically comfortable and have enough space to carry out their jobs properly, if they're working in a cramped area, or practically on top of each other, it can lower productivity.

Your local Starbucks has become a meeting room
All your meeting rooms are constantly full and the thrill of sharing meeting rooms has simply worn off. Starbucks is your next favourable option and, whilst the coffee tastes great, it's not exactly an ideal place for those confidential meetings.

Staff breakout area is standing room only
Staff lunch breaks has become a "fight for the table" competition where staff can no longer relax at break time.

Filing Cabinets are collapsing
Your filing and storage units are not only overflowing, they're practically collapsing. Worse still, it takes forever to locate a file!

General Space Limitations
If your current office space is preventing you from carrying out your business activities to their full potential then moving office is your only option.  Even a reconfiguration or refurbishment of your existing space won't fit that video conference screen in - no matter where you put it.
And if you're wondering how much office space you really need, this FREE Office Space Calculator will help you calculate your size requirements to help you find the perfect sized office for your next move.

Don't forget to use a Commercial Property Agent to help you find the ideal office space for your business. Search for one in your area here.

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