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Here we go again! Claire's Accessories accused of copying designs and ignores the complaints

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Regular readers of my blog will remember a popular post last year about accusations by an independent jewellery designer. She claimed that high street Claire's Accessories had copied her designs and used cheaper versions of her products in their stores.

The incident quickly spread across the social media world but Claire's ignored the complaints and went so far as deleting comments about it (including mine) from their Facebook page. I had several tense conversations with the company's PR representative but then it all went quiet.

Well guess what? Claire's has now been accused of doing exactly the same thing and doesn't seem to have learnt any lessons. 

Designer Tatty Devine tweeted at me yesterday alerting me to a blog post in which it's claimed Claire's has copied more designs. Here's an example which I'm republishing with permission from Tatty Devine:

At the time of writing, the blog post has received 204 comments and the issue has been tweeted many times with most people targeting @ClairesStores, the Twitter account for Claire's Accessories.

The company has also once again been accused of deleting Facebook comments, a point raised by comedy writer Graham Linehan:

If we though it was a good example of a social media fail last time, this time it seems to be an even better case study!

I will contact the PR again. Watch this space!

UPDATE (24/02/12):

Yesterday, I posted two comments on the Claire's Accessories Facebook page. Both were deleted within a couple of minutes of being posted.

I called the Claire's head office and the receptionist said all the marketing staff were "on a photoshoot". When I pushed further she said she had been informed to tell all members of the press to email and receive a statement. 

Claire's Accessories has today posted a statement on Facebook. It says: "Claire’s Stores, Inc. is a responsible company that employs designers, product developers and buyers, and works with many suppliers to provide innovative collections that bring customers all the latest fashion trends. As such, we take any allegations of wrong doing seriously. We are looking into the matters raised."

That comment has received several responses which raise more issues of how to handle negative comments on social media platforms. Some users are unaware of the accusations so are asking 'what happened?', while others are taking the opportunity to post about other negative experiences with the brand:

In response to comments about bad customer service experiences, a Claire's employee has responded:


What a shame, I have always thought of Claires Accessories as a respectful company.

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Customers aren't stupid

I think the key here is that customers want to be heard and listened to and when they're not, the back lash begins on Social Media! 

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