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What types of content can I share on social networking sites?

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 There are three different types of content that you or your business can share on social media – these are:

1) Original content which you create yourself

2) Content that you have produced as a result of curating other’s content

3) Content that you have recycled from other content that you have.

Get the balance right and it can help you gain valuable referrals.

Let’s have a look at these three different types of content in more detail.

Original content that you create yourself:

This really is what it says on the tin. For example, this could include:

  • Answers to question on forums and LinkedIn Answers
  • Original blog posts, which you have written yourself and posted for the first time
  • Conversations with people on twitter and forums generally
  • Tips on twitter
  • Status updates on LinkedIn and Twitter, which don’t involve sharing a link

Content that you have produced as a result of curating other’s content

This is where you share other people’s content – i.e. you act as a filter on what your social networking connections may like to see. For example:

  • You retweet someone else’s tweet
  • You share a link to an article (which you have not written) on your social media sites – e.g. using the ‘share this’ or ‘tweet this’ button.
  • You write a blog posts where you summarise other people’s opinions and views on a blog post. This is often used in a ‘blog carnival’.

Content that you have recycled from other content that you have:

This is where you repackage content that is already written. For example, this could be:

  • Breaking down a white paper into a series of blog articles
  • Syndicating your blog articles onto other sites – for example, publishing one of your articles onto someone else’s blog
  • Taking one of your existing articles and altering it slightly so it appeals to a different audience. For example, I could take this article and slightly rewrite if for ‘what types of content should accountants share on social media’.

The key to sharing the right content is having a balance of all three. Too much of one type and your effectiveness on social media – such as when Jon, my business partner, found he stopped engaging on twitter and only shared blog posts on twitter

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