Start-up Stories

Quick thinking: The story of UK Business Forums

- 14034 reads - 3 comments

Start-up Stories: Sharon Wright, MagnaMole

- 9907 reads - 1 comment

The Pitch 2009 judge profile: Deirdre Bounds - Accidental millionaire

- 8675 reads - 1 comment

Start-up Stories: Kate Cazenove, Sip

- 4390 reads - 1 comment

EXCLUSIVE: Start-up stories - Karen Darby at Call Britannia

- 4991 reads - 6 comments

Start-up Stories: Polly Gowers at

- 5162 reads - 3 comments
It's not often that you get to be a part of something that's a both a commercial and philanthropic success but Polly Gowers, founder of

Start-up Stories: Ross Elder and Andy Firth at

- 6837 reads
Friends often make the best business partners, but it can also be a recipe for disaster. Thankfully for Ross Elder and Andy Firth, co-founders of Holi...

Start-up Stories: Bristol Design Festival

- 7483 reads
A chance meeting in Italy proved more than just the start of a friendship for Duncan Iraci and Neil Ferguson; it led to the creation of one of the biggest events on the south west design scene.

Start-up Stories: Proving the Dragons wrong - Rob Law at Trunki

- 16952 reads - 3 comments

Start-up Stories: Robert Leigh at Devono: Letting go of tradition

- 9228 reads
Robert Leigh's idea for Devono, a commercial lettings firm that would represent the interests of tenants instead of landlords, met a stony reaction fr...

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