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Dragons Den?!

Dragons Den?!

Hi, I've created and now manufacture and sell CoolBoard - A dynamic and visually appealing fitness product Although a contrived telly program, I'm seriously considering entering for the next series of Dragon's Den; There is obviously a massive pr benefit for customers and potential investors, as well as the slim chance of a dragon deal... I'm wondering if any one has any experience of the process, and opinion on whether it is worth it? Many thanks, Nic


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By tomharrow
18th May 2009 15:20

i don't have any experience in this but I am considering the same for my business which we are just about to relaunch (

I can't see any reason why not. It will be brilliant publicity for you! Go for it.


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By houghton
19th May 2009 08:18

Which programmes do you enjoy the most?  The ones where all the pitches go well or the ones where they crash and burn? 

Worth remembering that the objective of the programme is to entertain.  If the editor decides you are one of the contestants that is going to be edited to look unprepared or unprofessional that's what will happen.  If you really need to raise funds do it in lower risk way, directy with potential investors.  If you want PR, then plan a campaign and execute it yourself or with an agency.  That way you have more control over the timing and message.  

Best of luck with the product.


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By nickprice1101
11th Jun 2009 16:52
I totally agree with Richard's comment. This is a show where entertainment is the name of the game and how many people watch it purely to see budding entrepreneurs get it wrong on the day and get destroyed by The Dragons - that is why they are called Dragons and the show is not called Angels Den - they are there to cause pain and dig, dig and then dig again. I met someone recently who told me that the majority of those businesses that the dragons say they will fund, never get that far. Think about it, if you walk in to a VC tomorrow and show your product in a 10 minute pitch do they automatically hand over £50k? You know they don't and won't without significant due diligence, which takes time. It's a show and there must be better ways to get funding, especially if you have something special, which I am sure you do. Good luck and best wishes.
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