How To Express Gratitude Subtly For Your Raise

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First of all, Congrats. Winning a raise simply means your efforts have been recognized. 
Now that you got a raise thoughts of giving back something in return must be running in your mind. Be informed that no business etiquette states that you must gift you boss, worker or anybody for getting a raise. 
In fact, the wrong choice of a gift can actually backfire. It can make your manager feel uncomfortable and put both of you in an awkward situation when you both meet next time. 
Secondly, your peers might even assume you are trying to win superiors, which is actually not a great thing considering you have to work with them for long on a regular basis.
However, we understand how overwhelming it is to finally have a pay raise for all the slogging you did for a year and more. So, if you have that urge to gift something for your boss to make yourselves happy, follow what he has to offer.

Do something for the team first

Before you send something for your boss, do something for your team. Without their support, you could not have excelled at the performance. So, begin with treating them good - take them out for lunch, buy them some chocolates, sponsor a movie outing or plan a day out that makes everyone feel appreciated.
You can send your boss a gift as part of the group activity. You can order online corporate gifts or send a bouquet of flowers with a Thank You note. Now that everyone is attended to, your peers will not take it as something weird.

Gift your boss privately

If spending for the whole group seems to work with your finances, you can still gift your boss, but in a discreet manner. Don’t trumpet it all over and spread the news. Luckily, online shopping gives the option to have a gift delivered to another person with a personal message. 
You can get the gift delivered to the reception in your boss name. It will be quite a surprise for him as well as remain a private matter too. This works perfectly if your boss works from a remote location far away from your place of work. 
Alternatively, if you have chances to meet him/her outside your place of work, you can gift them there instead of at the office. Your boss would feel comfortable, your colleagues would not see and nobody feels awkward that way.

What NOT to gift your boss
Now that you have a vague idea of how to gift your boss, now comes the tricky part of what to gift your boss. A rather easy way of handling this situation will be finding out what NOT to gift your boss. 
As a thumb rule, anything personal is a strict no-no. Your gift must still have a formal air to it. Anything personal will dilute the personal relationship and put you in a tough spot in the future if something goes wrong.
To make things easy to understand, here are some gifts which I feel are never befitting the nature of corporate gifts you can give to your boss:
Don’t ever buy these gifts for your boss:

  • Cheap ornaments
  • Gift cards
  • Liquor
  • Cash or cash cards

What can you buy?

  • Books, preferably business books
  • Magazine subscriptions (again business ones)
  • Wall hangings of motivational quotes
  • Bouquets
  • Pens or corporate stationary
  • Desk accessories

Give without expecting anything in return

This is the fundamental rule of gifting. When you gift someone, give it with no expectations of something in return. Don’t think of giving a gift if you have hopes of getting something in return, especially raises in the future. The key is to take the raise as a reward for your efforts. You must still strive to outperform so that your raises keep coming in.
Also, remember that your raise simply means the steady of flow of appreciation is going to diminish for a while. Expectations will be running high from you and hence give a gift instead of showcasing performance is not going to work out. But still, you can send a well-chosen corporate gift, but along with that, you must ensure that you are also scaling up your level of performance on your role.

Summing it up

In the corporate world, getting a raise is one of the most hair-raising experience. They are hard to come by, and when they do, they often run lower than expectations. If you are on the other side of the statistics where the raise has satisfied you, it is good that you show your gratitude with a good gift
Now that you know what to gift, what not to gift and how to gift it, you can confidently buy the corporate gift if your choice and make an impression.


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