Infographic: The statistics which prove why small and micro businesses are so important

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It's a well used phrase but it's a good one; small businesses are the engine room of the economy. Here are some figures from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills which show why.

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So little used by SMEs but yet so powerful and so fun, infographics are a great way of getting a point across visually - I take things in when it's visual and diagrams are the way forward! We've done one about Services on the Motorway here

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Nice post, it's just such a shame that government policy still largely gets polluted by the few big companies who can afford to lobby for so few to gain.

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I am so passionate about small business for these reasons and more.  No big business is ever born booming, it grows from a small business.  Without good funding and support, too many potentially great businesses will fail.

-- Angela Neal

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