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Longitude and latitude: When Facebook meets business

  • Many businesses are investigating how social media can benefit them
  • However, some believe social networking hinders staff productivity
  • But if used correctly, social media can strengthen business relationships
  • Businesses have a lot to learn from how Barack Obama used social media

As the mainstream media and certain celebrities continue to fawn over micro-blogging website Twitter, many businesses are looking into how social networking can work for them – whilst others have reacted to the Facebook ‘invasion’ as a hostile act.  High-end data warehousing corporation, Teradata, recently held its annual conference in the Turkish city of Istanbul, where one seminar focused entirely on the subject of social networking, and how it is challenging traditional business values.

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Massive opportunity in social networking

Social networking is going to be massive in business as a method of connecting you with valuable new contacts, suppliers and customers alike.  It will be comparable to the role that the telephone and e-mails play in business.

Like both of those mediums, social networking is open to abuse and can also be a time soak.  The key is being clear what social media can do for your business, formulating a strategy for use and sticking with it to achieve your goals.

I know many businesses which are already using social media very effectively, be that Facebook, Twitter, Ecademy or WeCanDo.BIZ -- there is business being done now!

Ian Hendry


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