Meet the entrepreneur inside a multi-billion dollar company [VIDEO]

Ingrid Vanderveldt

Ingrid Vanderveldt is no ordinary business owner; as well as starting and selling several companies, she also works for technology giant Dell. editor Dan Martin met Dell's entrepreneur-in-residence during the company's Women's Entrepreneur Network conference in New Delhi to find out more.


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I am not an SME you patronising ***!


Just came across this interview.

Great to hear your thoughts and about what you are doing at/with Dell. I wrote the 'I am not an SME you patronising ***!'article and would love to talk some more to you.

The comments at 6mins 45 secs start to touch on the relationship between "SMEs" and corporates; the opportunities for both sides are so vast yet seem to be ignored/misunderstood by most. Some of the work you are doing sounds fascinating and I'd love to know more.

I can be reached at 

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Great to connect re engaging the small business market


Good, interesting video. Would still like to catch up when you have a moment.


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