G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit - Nice 2011 (Part 6)

Alex Mitchell
Head of Influencer Relations
Institute of Directors
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So this is our final blog post about the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit (G20YES), Nice 2011. What can I say, aside from what a ride. Over 400 young entrepreneurs brought together for 4 days in the South of France that learnt from one another, exchanged ideas and networked. There was a real buzz in the air. Talking about policy, talking about issues inhibiting entrepreneurialism, but also coming up with solutions, ideas and answers to help drive forward all our economies to be more entrepreneurial, more enterprising and more competitive. We are not just another ‘think tank’, but more of a ‘do tank’.

I promised you some good news in the last blog and I will get to that. However before I do, I have a final guest entry from another of the UK delegation. This time it’s the turn of Nisha Valand, who is Founder and Director of Niche Mouth - a corporate events and marketing business based in London and is a member of the Institute of Directors Young Directors Forum for London. You can find out more about Niche Mouth here: http://www.nichemouth.co.uk and you can follow Nisha on twitter here: http://www.twitter.com/nichemouth   

“It was interesting to see how many young people have set up businesses across the world - from green technology businesses in South Korea who are just starting out, to social media platform companies worth millions of dollars in the US. Regardless of size and revenue, every individual I met was passionate about their product or service, had overcome challenges along the way and most importantly, were at the G20 YES to make new contacts, learn from others and push forward the wider agenda of the communiqué.

The biggest learning I have taken away from my time in Nice is that research into a new global market is an absolute must. Speaking with the Indian delegation, some of who run businesses in the chemicals, textiles & manufacturing industries, was invaluable.

When I asked some of the Indian delegates how open they feel their industries are to services such as branding, B2B events and innovative ways of marketing, they fully agreed that they could see the benefits of it but that any service of this type MUST be shaped and marketed for an Indian corporate audience.

That is to say, a clear marketing message that fits the needs of Indian businesses rather than UK businesses is a must. Principles seem applicable based on the requirements of a business but getting engagement from a potential client means researching and clearly stating how your service relates to their market, in their nice area, in their country.”

As Nisha mentioned above, we were all working towards the shaping and signing of the official communiqué. And here is the good news… The communiqué was not only presented to the B20 (the business G20) but it was also presented to the main Leaders G20. This is a huge success, 18months after the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance was founded in Toronto our communiqué has been official recognised by the leaders for the 20 largest economies in the world and we are ensuring that youth entrepreneurialism is put front and center and kept there. You can see the official communiqué by clicking here: http://www.g20yes.fr/en/communique 

We are on to Mexico next, this will be taking place in  late May 2012 in Mexico City. If you want to be a part of this, follow me and get in touch http://www.twitter.com/alexdmitchell We had a short presentation form the Mexican delegation to the G20YES and this included a video address form the President of Mexico stating how much he is looking forward to see us all there next year. This is fantastic as it shows we are already on their radar and that the G20YES will be a major part of the G20 in Mexico.

Before I sign off I wanted to say a few thank you’s. Firstly to the whole UK delegation (listed below), they were an excellent group of individuals, all passionate about their businesses as well as wanting to help and support youth enterprise and entrepreneurialism. I also want to say thank you to the French team for hosting us and putting on such an excellent summit. I need to say a bit thank you to Business zone for asking me to do this blog and finally a thank you to you all for reading it, I hope you liked it. 

So hope to see some of you in Mexico in 2012 and I will leave you with some poignant words from the Head of the French Cabinet, who addressed all the delegations at a reception a few nights ago:

“You have shown the merit, courage, vision and hard work to be leaders. You are an example to the world. You have grasped the responsibility to carry your own weight and the weight of your countries.

Congratulations for understanding the moment, understanding the dilemma that leaders of today are to address. I have two messages; go structural and go social.

In contrast with you, there were 14m who weren't unemployed before the crisis. There are now 75m unemployed and its getting worse. They need our protection for their vulnerability and they need the opportunities.

Go structural, education, innovation, competition, health, policies, tax policies...the things that don't make an impact immediately but do over time.

Please help us, share the burden. You can do it. You must do it.“

The United Kingdom Delegation to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit: 

  • Glynn Pegler, CEO of Culture Group & Business Champion for Wales
  • Natalie Campbell, Director of A Very Good Company
  • Nisha Valand, Founder & Director of Niche Mouth
  • Tomasz Letniowski, Founder & Director of Traductio
  • Matthieu Philippault, Managing Director of MBP Concepts Ltd
  • Andrew Fiddaman, Director of Prince's Youth Business International
  • Gary Smith, Managing Director of Prism UK
  • Thomas McStravick, Founder of Playing for the Future
  • Pearl Amoateng, Founder of Lets be Positive AniMuzik
  • Anton Hanley, Managing Director of The Auto Network
  • Nicholas Rhind, Managing Director of CTI Digital
  • Hushpreet Dhaliwal, Chief Executive of NACUE
  • Abdul Khan - Managing Director of Rate That Meal Ltd
  • And me… Alex Mitchell, Co-Founder of the Enterprise Collective and Head of Influencer Relations at the Institute of Directors


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