G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit - South Korea 2010 - Pt1

Alex Mitchell
Head of Influencer Relations
Institute of Directors
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 As this is my first blog post on here I thought I had better keep it short and sweet and start with saying hi, So Hi! A few questions you may have: Who am I, why am I blogging and why do you want to bother reading what I have to say? Well all very good questions, my name is Alex, I am Head of Influencer Relations at the IoD and I am a founding member of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance. I am not blogging with my IoD hat on but with my G20 hat on. I am blogging because I want to firstly share my experiences of the G20 process, from the point of view of the Young Entrepreneurs Alliance side and to secondly, and more importantly, I want to get readers thoughts, views and ideas on what we need to be focusing on to enhance, support, encourage and develop entrepreneurialism within young people around the globe.

The G20 Entrepreneurs Alliance was set up with three words in mind: 'Entrepreneurship = recovery = jobs' and this truer now more than ever.

So, a very quick bit of background, the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance was establish off the back of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit, which took place in Toronto, Canada in June 2010. A full write up of the June summit and the communiqué can be found here.

After an epic 20hour journey via Dubai and my first experience of the impressive (and very quiet) double decker Airbus A380, I have made it to Incheon, South Korea. On arriving at the airport I bumped into the delegations from Saudi Arabia and Argentina, so it was straight into discussions on what they have been up to in the 6months since our last meeting, has the business climate got easier, how are employment rates for the younger generation and are their respective governments taking entrepreneurship support seriously. Normally this would be easy but after 36hours of no sleep and the last 20hours spent on planes or in airports I was finding it difficult to even remember my own name! However after a quick coffee I was soon back into the swing of things and the topics made for a very interesting conversation in taxi ride to the hotel.

On arrival at the hotel we met some of the South Korean delegation and also our host for the next few days Michael Lea, Head of the Young Entrepreneurship Society of South Korea. We had a quick brief on what was going to be happening over the next few days, with the formal proceedings starting tomorrow (Sunday 7th Nov).

For now it is off to our rooms and it is from here that I am writing this. Now I must sign off and get some much need rest, my body clock isn't too sure if it is 2am Korean time or 5pm UK time! But fret not there will be plenty more posts over the next few days.

Please remember to email me or comment on anything you would like me to cover on your behalf at the meeting.


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