Are All Automated Call Services Dull and Frustrating? Don't Bank On It!

Andy Hanselman Consulting
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One of the biggest customer service frustrations is automated phone systems. Let’s be honest, very few of us enjoy dealing with them… press 1 for this… press 2 for that….la la la….. your call is important to us (honest!)….. In fact, it is often highlighted (by me and others!) as the most frustrating thing when dealing with a business!

Well, here’s a great story of overcoming that from Norway, and amazingly it’s from a bank! Apparently the Norwegian bank DNB sponsors the Norwegian Broadcasting Boy’s Choir and in December they got them to sing the call options, and balances when you rang them!

The impact was amazing and the result was over 2 million calls to the phone line in December – the population of Norway is only 4.9 million!

No, I’m not expecting my bank manager to sing to me next time I call (although it would certainly make me smile!), but it does show the impact of doing something ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Differently’, even if it is just ‘answering the phone’!

You can listen to them here…..


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