Are You Listening? No Need To Tweet Says Twitter Founder!

Andy Hanselman Consulting
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You don’t have to ‘Tweet’ to make the most of Twitter! That’s according to its founder Jack Dorsey. He says that it’s more than a social network!

Speaking at a conference in Germany, he described Twitter as a personal news service and said you you don’t have to Tweet to get the best from it!

“Social is just one part of what we do. We think of it as an information utility,” he said, describing Twitter as a personal news service as much as a social network. “You don’t have to tweet at all. The biggest value is finding out what’s happening in your world in real time,” he said.

He makes a good point (Then again, if he can’t, who can?). ‘Listening’ is a key ingredient of ‘Remarkable’ businesses. They proactively do it to spot opportunities, keep their eye on things that affect them and their customers, and create ‘dialogue’ with those customers and communities to build relationships.

Are you ‘listening’ to what’s happening in your world?


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