Customer Delight For Pizza Lovers - Emergency Pizza At The Touch Of A Button!

Andy Hanselman Consulting
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Here’s a great way to create customer delight for pizza lovers – It’s the latest 3D example in our search for 100 Examples Of 3D Thinking and combines solving a common customer ’problem’ with the use of technology to become ‘easy to buy from’! The result? It’s the emergency panic fridge magnet that when pressed automatically orders your favourite pizza to be delivered from your local pizza restaurant!!!!

The VIP Pizza Magnet is an innovation from the Red Tomato Pizza company in Dubai! It’s easy to set up – You simply link it to Bluetooth and enter your favourite pizza recipe on the website, along with your address and details, and every time you press the button, a fresh pizza gets delivered to your door!

It’s a great example of being ‘Easy To Buy From’ which is an ingredient of 3D Characteristic #3 Create Devoted Customers. It also helps you ‘personalise’ the experience by changing your ‘favourite’ if you wish! It certainly seems to have created a ‘buzz’ in Dubai – It’s been so popular that they’ve actually run out of stock!!!! Don’t worry if you live out there – Apparently there are lots more about to be ‘Delivered’!

(3D idea number #9 in our 3D Challenge search for 100 ideas!)


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