'Get Real' If You Think You're A Good Manager!

Andy Hanselman Consulting
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Bad News: You’re not as good a manager as you think you are!

A new report from the Chartered Institute of Professional Development says that most UK managers think they are better than their people think they are!

This ‘Reality Gap’ is highlighted by the CIPD’s report that says eight out of ten managers think that their staff are satisfied with them, yet only 58% of employees agree!

A large number of the 2,000 people surveyed said that their bosses had no idea how bad they were at managing people!

I know you’re probably in the 20%, but just in case, here are some questions for you to consider….

How do you measure up?

How do you know?

There’s no ‘reality gap’ in your mind is there?

What do you need to do to ‘Get Real’ as a manager? Why not take a ‘reality check’ and find out?

A simple, but great way of doing it is to undertake a little exercise we use on our programmes called STOP, START, CONTINUE.

Basically, it’s about finding out what your people think that you personally should ‘Stop, Start, Continue’ doing when it comes to leading and managing them. This could be a simple questionnaire (named or anonymously- whatever’s best for you and your people) or maybe a group discussion (without you being in the room!). Please remember….. the truth sometimes hurts – you have to listen to what’s said (One client of mine was told by a team member ‘STOP breathing’!)

Whatever you do, the critical bit is DOING SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT YOU FIND OUT!


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