When Customers Criticise, How Do You Respond?

Andy Hanselman Consulting
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One of the downsides (and I’d argue, the upside too) of the ‘social media’ world is it’s ‘transparency’ and the pace at which news (good and bad!) spreads. This was ‘tweeted’ (twittered? Does anyone know the ‘official’ term?) by Stephen Fry and I think it’s a great example of how not to act when someone ‘criticises’ you. 

Basically, it’s criticism of a book called The Greek Seaman on a review site and the author, Jaqueline Howett is not happy with what’s been said! You can see it here - it’s a bit hypnotic and it certainly ’sucks you in’, but it’s worth scrolling down!!

Nobody likes crticism, and I hate it if someone gives me a bad rating after a seminar or conference (yes, it does happen occasionally!!!!), but  hey, things go wrong and not all customers are happy all the time, every time, no matter how hard we try!  The way a business reacts to, and deals with ‘crticism’ and ‘complaints’ says a lot about it (particularly like in this case when it’s done publically!). In fact, research indicates that a well resolved customer complaint can result in improved customer loyalty and referrals!

 How do you and your people react to ‘criticism’ and ‘complaints’?

Here’s an article I wrote recently on ‘Dealing With Disappointment’, and while I’m at it, don’t even think about daring to criticise me in your comments below!!!!!

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