Don't make marketing your New Year's Resolution

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It’s that time of year. No doubt you’ve come over all worthy. As well as thinking about cutting out the alcohol or some such health related promise, you may just have thought about giving marketing a go for your small business.

Well don’t.

Seriously, I am a marketing consultant, and I am telling you not to make marketing a New Year’s Resolution for 2012.

The problem with resolutions of this kind, is that much like reducing alcohol, giving up smoking and gym memberships – more often than not they just don’t last. For marketing to really work for your business you need to do it. Not try to do it. Just like looking after your health, looking after the sales pipeline for your business takes sustained effort rather than quick fixes. In fact, I’d argue that, like yo-yo dieting, boom and bust marketing is actually bad for your business health.

Marketing that means business is marketing that supports every step of the buying decision. It means that your company is positively represented everywhere a potential buyer turns – whenever this happens to be. The job of marketing is to gently move someone from one step in their buying decision to the next over a period of time. Marketing that does this necessarily takes time to achieve.

For most ambitious small businesses the process of getting a watertight marketing operation up and running is a six to 12 month intensive programme. Thereafter becoming an embedded part of every aspect of their business. It’s something that every person in a company takes on, and does a little every day. Essentially, it’s a lifestyle change not a short-lived burst of good intentions.

If you’re serious about getting your business in robust shape and you want a steady and predictable sales pipeline, then marketing is definitely on your list. Not for a month or two – but forever.

As my Dad always says, “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly”.

By Bryony Thomas | Chief Clear Thinker | Clear Thought Consulting Ltd | @bryonythomas |

This post origianally appear on the Clear Thought website.


Clear Thought Consulting works with small businesses, equipping them with the marketing strategies, suppliers, skills and set-up that they need to become bigger businesses. We do this by planning and delivering 12-month marketing transformation programmes – supporting a small business through a step-by-step process to making marketing pay. We firmly believe that when you can’t out-spend your competition, you have to out-think them.


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