Money-saving Tips on your Office Lease

Clare Moorhouse
Marketing Director
Help Moving Office
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Before you sign or renew your office lease, make sure you follow these tips to reduce your office lease costs.

Every business likes to save money, and in today's economic climate, companies are putting office space costs closely under the microscope.  With a little strategic thought, there are many opportunities to reduce your office space costs simply by negotiating the right terms within your office lease.

  • Use Bargaining Power

If you don't ask - you don't get! Your office lease is an important bargaining tool, and tenants can improve the terms of their office lease simply by asking for additional incentives from the Landlord to be included.

  • Business Rates

As a tenant, you will be liable to pay business rates on the property, but many companies are unwittingly overpaying on rates because they are not utilising the exemptions and reliefs available to them. Ask your Property Agent to ensure you are paying the lowest Business Rates possible.

  • Scrutinise Service Charges Costs

Most tenants never question service charges, but by questioning what items are included in the service charges you can make important cost savings and also help to avoid any disputes during the course of your tenancy.

  • Reduce Dilapidations Costs

Some dilapidations claims by landlords can be reduced with the right professional help to assess whether the reponsibility for repairs can be mitigated.

Allow yourself plenty of time to negotiate the most suitable office lease terms that will save your business money when committing to an office lease. Visit Help Moving Office for more information that will guide you through the office lease process.


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