Office Moving Tips: How to Achieve a Smooth Office Move

Clare Moorhouse
Marketing Director
Help Moving Office
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Top tips from the professionals on how to prepare your business for a stress free office move.

It’s a cliché (but it’s true) but a poorly organised office move is going to put untold stresses and strains on everyone involved – so do yourself a favour and plan your office move properly. If you have been given the job of managing an office relocation then this is your opportunity to show yourself off in your best light. Our business is all about guiding companies through their office relocations – so read on for some key tips to help your office move go as smoothly as possible.

This article focuses on what you can do to prepare your company for its office move so that it is the success that your company expects. Follow these simple Office Moving Rules of Thumb to ensure that all goes well on your office move day.

Choose The Right Office Removal Company
Your starting point needs to be to hire the best Office Removals Company for the job. There are dozens of removals companies that you can find who will say that they can do the job for you better and cheaper than their competitors. Beware. The secret to choosing the right office removals company is simple. You must ensure that the removals companies you ask to pitch for your business specialise in office moves. There is a world of difference between moving a home and moving an office. It takes an entirely different skill set and, the bottom line is that your valuable business possessions (office furniture, office equipment, business communications infrastructure etc) are too important and business critical to risk going for cheaper alternatives. Best practice says that you should contact Office Removals Companies 8-12 weeks before your scheduled move date - and always Get 3 Office Removals Quotes from reputable office moving specialists.

Create Your New Office Floor Plan In Advance
Before your business moves office, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the layout of your new office space. Your chosen Office Removals Company can help you prepare this and having this readily available at your new office location will mean that everything will end up in its proper place. It is important that you label everything on your floor plan showing where all items are to be located. You will need to have taken measurements of the new office layout well in advance of the move day so that you know where everything is to be positioned (and that they will fit). Label everything and use a colour-coding system to help you stay organised. If you are in any doubt as to how best achieve this then take advice from your Office Removals Company (it’s what they’re there for!)

Distribute An Office Moving Guide For All Employees
Another key document to prepare is an Office Moving Guide – which needs to be given to all of your staff members. This guide needs to contain all of the information that will help them prepare their workspaces and possessions correctly for the office move. Make sure that everyone knows what needs to be labelled (and which colour-coding system they should use - if appropriate). It is also sensible to assign roles to certain staff members to help you co-ordinate the office move more smoothly (nominating a departmental representative is usually the best way to go on this). Make them responsible for their team or area and be clear about what you expect of them during the office move process.

Be Sensible About Your Office Moving Packing
Whenever a company needs to move office there are some simple rules of thumb that can be followed when packing up your office. Ensure that all your staff members' personal items are packed up by each individual and that their name is clearly labelled on each crate or box used. Always pack small items (such as folders, files and books) together as this will save space. You do not need to empty filing cabinets. Instead, you should lock all filing cabinets so that they can be moved safely to the new office. This is a huge time saver as all that needs to happen is that each filing cabinet gets repositioned in the new office space.

Think About Office Storage Facilities
There may be certain items that you will not need on a day-today basis that should go into a local office storage facility. Your office removals company will be able to advise on which items can be better served going into office storage which can be easily retrieved when needed.

As with any major project, the key is to plan well ahead and avoid leaving things to the last minute.  Get the Office Removals Checklist from Help Moving Office so you can see what tasks need to organised in advance of the big move day.


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09th Sep 2015 13:51

The process of moving offices is unlikely to be anyone’s favourite thing to do. But hopefully these tips will set you on a good path towards a smooth transition. Of course, the process becomes even easier if you elect to move into a serviced office rather than a conventional one. With serviced offices, everything is already set up, including your phones, IT, desks, chairs and other furniture, and all you need to move is your laptop and paperwork. This makes overlapping your leases by a few days less necessary, hence you keep your overheads low.

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