Planning an Office Move? 8 "Must Ask" Questions

Clare Moorhouse
Marketing Director
Help Moving Office
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If you are considering an office relocation, the type of questions you ask yourself at the very start of the project are crucial to the ongoing success of your business, and can help to eliminate any expensive mistakes or nasty surprises further down the line.

Below are 8 essential questions you should ask yourself before starting to plan an office move:

1) Are you in a position to move?
There are many reasons why a company might choose to relocate; whether it be to downsize, upsize, consolidate, look for a better location or simply to reduce costs. Whatever the reasons, you need to be sure you are in a position both financially and legally to take on a new office lease.  Can you afford to move office? What are the contractual obligations within your existing lease in giving notice? Both these issues need to be weighed up before you can start planning an office relocation.

2) What are your goals and objectives?
Think about why you want to move and why your existing office is not meeting your requirements. This will help to clearly define what you are looking for in the new office space.

3) How will your business benefit from the office move?
What are you expecting the new office to do for your business? Better working environment, lower costs, more space. Ensure your shortlist of properties are aligned with your aspirations.

4) What kind of schedule do you anticipate?
Knowing your key dates is important to avoid any delays and disruption to business during the move.  Use the Moving Office Timetable to find out what key dates need to be considered.

5) Which Office Relocation Professionals are we using?
For an office move to a success, you will need a team of professionals on board comprising a Property Agent, Solicitor, Office Fit-Out Company and an Office Removals Company.  Don't think that by trying to do these crucial tasks yourself will save you money.

6) How do you intend to communicate the office move to staff & how will they be affected by the move?
Make sure you consider your staff's needs when choosing new office space, as this will affect their commute to and from work.  Remember that any kind of change will be unsettling for them so you will need to keep them abreast of developments, keep them engaged and ensure that their work is not affected by the move.

7) Who is responsible for organising the office move?
Whilst an office move is a team effort, someone needs to be responsible for managing the process and keeping a tab on the Moving Office Checklist.  They need to be well organised, a good manager of people and processes and have enough time to dedicate to the project.

8) How will your business be affected during the move?
You will want to minimise any disruption to business as much as possible, so ensure you schedule your moving day during a quieter time of your business, and try to move over a weekend so you can be fully operational in your new office on Monday morning.


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