Pros & Cons of Open Plan Offices

Clare Moorhouse
Marketing Director
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Considering going open plan for your forthcoming relocation? Weigh up the pros and cons of choosing to go open plan before making a decision.

In today's economic climate,  many companies are now considering switching to open plan offices in an attempt to maximise their office space and reduce costs. But as with most things, there are pros and cons of choosing to go open plan, and these must be weighed up before deciding what type of office space to look for.

Pros of Open Plan Offices

  • Cost effective - saving on average 20 per cent on accommodation costs
  • Enhanced communication - open plan offices make it easier for individuals and teams to interact with one another
  • Environmentally friendly - as they reduce heating and electric bills for office occupiers and make better use of natural light
  • Flexibility - open plan offices give companies more flexibility to make changes to the design and layout of their office space as they expand

Cons of Open Plan Offices

  • Increased noise levels - that can make it harder for some workers to concentrate
  • Higher sickness/absenteeism - open plan offices have been proven to increase absenteeism as the air conditioning and working in closer proximity to more people spreads viruses, sickness and infections faster
  • Lack of privacy - private phone conversations or meetings by desks may become a thing of the past in open plan offices

Always consult with an Office Fit-Out Company who will carry out a Workplace Appraisal on your existing offices to see whether switching to open plan would be the best solution for your business. 


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