If you are a small business and you own your car - think again

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Concept Vehicle Leasing
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Perhaps you've never considered leasing, but here's a quick blog post as to why perhaps you should. As a business, there are plenty of areas that need our time, dedication and concentration. However, for you, logistics when needing to figure out the best methods for travel, shouldn't be one of your priorities. Instead, it should be ours. Here's why. Any leasing broker are impartial to a particular manufacturer or a particular route of finance, and as such can impart non bias advice. For example, we regularly discuss the requirements of a prospective customer, prior to anything else, so that they, the customer, can make an informed decision on why leasing could be beneficial. One area is deppreciation. As most cars and commercial vehicles, depreciate to up to a third of it's value, it does make more financial sense for US to take on that risk and for you to just pay for a vehicle via fixed costs, that often work out cheaper for you. 

Owning a vehicle can be time consuming. Leasing one does not necessarily = more hassle. It means being able to hand everything over to the likes of us, being BVRLA accredited means that you are assured of great quality and we will handle everything from start to finish. 

To find out more, just click our interactive car leasing website.  


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