How to Become a Twitter Rock Star!

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In my opinion Twitter is the single most powerful social platform for business anywhere. You might be asking what about Facebook? while Facebook is huge Twitter is much more open and much easier to reach a huge audience. Most business get Twitter wrong, so in this article I'm going to teach you how to become a Twitter rock star.

Cuteys Rules to Being a Rock Star!

1. Be human! that's right Rock Stars must be human, don't try to sell your products, instead try and sell YOURSELF. Let people get to know you, your opinions, your thoughts and your humour. Give your opinion on issues, films, TV, specifically the issues and ideas your target market is interested in. 

If your selling to the over 65s then give your opinions on things that matter to them. Talk about shows they like, know your audience.

2. Reply! Rock Stars might be divas but their not ignorant! try to always reply to everything you get asked, make people feel important and they will reward you with re-tweets, recommendations and interaction.

3. Free Stuff! Being a Rock Star means giving stuff away, again tie this into your audience run competitions, make them interactive to build up a community and brand loyalty. You can either give products you sell, or give something your audience really love and will work to win. You can run Re-tweet competitions, or something more unique.

4. Inactivity kills! The amount of companies who have twitter with a few hundred followers from their website, yet have only made one or two tweets ever. Don't be inactive get involved with your community, if they've followed via your website, they want to get to know you.

5. Follow Back! No one likes to feel unloved and alone, if someone's following you make an effort to follow them back and have some interaction. A true rock star always takes the time to interact with his fans, and so should you.

These are just a few of my top tips to being a Twitter rock star, and of course you can find me on Twitter.


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