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If you are not getting what you want, or what you need from your website, then perhaps it is time to review your website design.  Websites must be regularly updated, not just for SEO purposes but to also ensure that the content and structure is kept up to date and relevant to the visitors to your website.

Through effective website design, you should be able to:

  1. Get the attention of your target market.
  2. Help your audience get to know and trust the company.
  3. Generate leads and sales.

If your website design is letting you down and not delivering the above, then here are some key elements to consider when reviewing your site.

  • The Message.  Is your website delivering the right message, in the right way?  Copy and design are critical factors and should encourage the visitor to engage with your website and lead them to contact or buy from you. Your message must take into account their interests; needs and reason for being on your website.
  • The Brand.  Does your website design and marketing message reflect the core brand identity of the company?  This should be consistently promoted throughout the website and be easily identifiable and recognisable to your visitor.   Effective branding will reflect the company’s uniqueness and will help to build trust.
  • The Offer. Are you offering your visitors something in exchange for using your services or buying your products?  This doesn’t have to be a financial offer, but instead can promote your USP (experience, excellence) or perhaps be a value added service that is included in the cost.  Whatever you decide, the offer needs to entice your visitors and make them want to use you and not your competitors.  Your offer should be clearly communicated within the website.
  • The Journey. The structure and page sequencing is crucial in keeping visitors on your site and reducing the bounce rate. The journey that they take must be a logical one, so when designing the structure of your site you have to consider what your visitor is looking for and what they need to help them reach their goal. Keep it simple, logical and obvious.

There are, of course, lots of other factors that should be considered when improving the design of your website.  All of which we take into account when reviewing our clients websites for them.  For a short time only, we are offering free website design reviews and would be more than happy to have a look at yours and give you some tips for improvements.

Our previous post on website design (Does your Website have the Basics Elements of a Great Website?) asks 5 basic but fundamental questions, which you should also consider when reviewing your website.


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