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If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you already know why video marketing is important and have already come up with the big idea for your video marketing campaign (if not see previous post 10 Topic Ideas for Effective Video Marketing Online ).

Now you need to produce your video.  But before you do, here are a few tips to consider for video marketing – best practice.

  • If your video features somebody who works for the company – make sure you are using find the best person for the job.  Who will work best in front of the camera?  They need to be believeable and likeable and most importantly they must be able to engage with their audience.
  • Be authentic.  If you are in front of the camera, show your personality when talking – talk passionately about your subject and speak from the heart to gain interest.
  • Your video can be made more engaging by including music and interviews or dialogue between people.  Or by showing before, during and after videos for an event or if something has been made/ created.
  • Keep to the point.  It’s easy to get sidetracked, but it’s important to stick to the point. If you don’t you will loose the interest of your audience.
  • Make sure the video isn’t too long – people can be put off from seeing the duration of the video, particularly if they are short of time.
  • Make sure your message and content is actually of interest. You need to think about your target audience and consider what they will find interesting, engaging or useful.  After all you want them to share it.
  • Have you included a call to action?  This is crucial.  What is the objective of the video and what are you hoping that your audience will do at the end of it?  Make it very clear.
  • Always make sure you use good lighting.  Irrespective of what you are filming, no-one will want to watch a video that has poor lighting.
  • Look into the camera and don’t forget to smile!

And remember, if you need support with your video marketing we can help you from concept to production.  We deliver professional videos that will help you engage with your audience.

Here’s just a couple we’ve one for our clients

Video for: Peugeot – Peter Cox

Video for: Village Interiors

Good luck.  And enjoy!


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