For sale: 600 Twitter followers for £5

Dan Martin
Former editor
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Bargain eh? For the cost of a couple of cups of coffees you could boost your social media following. Why not even push the boat out and spend £20 for 2,400 new Twitter fans.  

I'm making it up right?


A new business has launched which is offering exactly that.

The company in question is Five Squids, a website which lets the general public sell pretty much any kind of service for a fiver including buying Twitter followers...


...and Facebook fans:

In principle, Five Squids is great idea but as it stands and with the kind of offers users are currently making, I'm certainly not a fan.

Any entrepreneur which chooses to buy social media followers is on dodgy ground. The chances are the followers you purchase won't be interested in your product or service; in fact they probably won't even be real people. To the outside world, it might look like you have lot of fans but what value are they bringing to your company? And if it gets out that you're in the business of buying social media following, how will that look to your genuine customers and prospects?

The PR person representing Five Squids tells me the company is making money. Good luck to them. But it isn't the kind of service I'd be happy to run. 


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By Danny Blair
18th Jan 2012 11:58

These types of offers have been around for a long time and, for the reasons you give in the article, are not worth taking up.

Having said that, I have just been to the Five Squids website and it is not the site that deserves criticism, surely? The website is just a listing board for people who are offering a service for a fiver or want something done for a fiver. That actually seems like a pretty good business, (almost a Poundland for services), in a recession. If individual users choose to post offers that you and I don't agree with, that is neither here nor there. Afterall, you wouldn't criticise ebay because an individual seller listed a CD you didn't like!

I say well done to the website's owners. It is good to see innovation and entrepreneurism in these gloomy, recessionary, pessimistic times.

-- Brandboost Social Media Marketing

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By Gortonborn
18th Jan 2012 16:24

 The site is based on Fiverr from the USA, I have used it in the past for various web based tasks and it works well, again I applaud anyone who can make money in this Country under this Government and more power to them...

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By David Evans
26th Jun 2012 10:33

Although the idea of paying for followers on Twitter will tempt some, one has to question the quality of followers that it will bring. Follwers aren't neccessarily people interested in your business or may not even be real people at all. The fiver for 100 likes on facebook seems like less of good deal also. 



-- Dave Evans Commercial Director at accessplanit Specialist in Training Administration Software and training management software

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By ian
29th Jun 2012 12:15

 600 for £5 (about $8)?! You can buy 10,000 followers $5 on other sites. What you'll find however is those thousands of followers do not reply or retweet, and certainly don't buy. I suspect those followers updates are also sent from a single source to many accounts, but publishing at different times.

If you suspect fake followers, on search @username (replace with their username) to see just how many replies they are getting. Genuine followers would lead to replies about every ten minutes (with 10,000 followers), users with just a few hundred originally will have replies less than once an hour unless they are inactive or just publishing without interacting - then it's even less and mostly rewteets if any.

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