How 'cash mobbing' is reviving US small retailers and why we need it in the UK

Dan Martin
Former editor
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Our colleagues at's US sister site has reported this week on a new sensation which is sweeping across the States in support of independent high street retailers.
Based on flash mobbing, which is promoted though social media and sees people encouraged to meet in a particular place and do something amusing, cash mobbing involves people descending on local stores and spending at least $20.
Several events are been organised across the US and this Saturday, 24 March, has been designated National Cash Mob Day.
What a brilliant idea and one which should definitely come to the UK. We hear regularly how independent retailers are struggling to compete with their huge counterparts and Britain is rapidly becoming a nation of clone towns. Cash mobbing could be one method to help turn that around.
Maybe BusinessZone members should be the first to bring it to Britain?!
If you do spot cash mobbers on your local high street this weekend; remember where you heard it first!


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