INDUSTRY NEWS BLOG: UK Public Opinion Shows Strong Appetite For Renewable Energy

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The results of a UK opinion poll run by YouGov on behalf of the environmental campaign organisation Friends of the Earth showed that almost 90% of respondents want to see more clean energy developments from the government. This news is a validation of years of efforts put forth by companies like Green Energy UK that have been striving to reconfigure energy usage in this country.


Specifically, 2,884 people were asked to respond with their viewpoints on renewable energy, with slightly less than two-thirds saying they want cleaner generation of power from wind, wave, solar or tidal sources. Respondents said they desired these sources to exercise greater influence over electricity usage in the UK within the next ten years. Only a marginal number, 2%, said that they would want more gas power.


The fact that nearly nine out of ten people surveyed demonstrated such a clear desire for change has been preceded by similar results from research recently conducted by YouGov. On Sunday, the results of a poll conducted for Scottish Renewables showed that 71% of residents in Scotland favour wind generated power. Last week, research findings from Ipsos MORI revealed that 67% of people polled want more widespread use of wind energy harnessing systems. 


While I applaud the wide publication of these findings, these results are not news to me. In my role as CEO of Green Energy UK, I have had first-hand experience working with consumers who crave responsible solutions to environmental problems, both for their lifetimes and those of their children.


As it stands at the moment, only 9.5% of all energy used in the UK comes from clean production methods. Furthermore, the industry faces challenges from the government itself in the form of emission exemptions for power plants fuelled by gas. Additionally, public campaigns against wind farming have gained traction, causing investors to become skittish over the level of government commitment to green power sources.


These recent findings show that, despite portrayals otherwise, the UK public is not resistant to innovations like wind power. Furthermore, consumers are not satisfied with the current makeup of the country’s energy supplies and want to see more sources of clean power being utilised and developed. The people have issued a resounding call for more domestic production of green energy and less dependence on foreign fossil fuels.


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