Tips on How PRs Should Pitch To Bloggers

Emilie Legrand
Account Executive
Punch Communications
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 Pitching to bloggers is an integral part of any online PR campaign and one that every PR, from junior exec to director, should be familiar with. However, it does differ from ‘traditional’ journalist liaison so there are certain protocols that should be followed to maximise the chances of success.  

Many PR agencies can often make small errors pitching to bloggers but these mistakes can be easily rectified by following the simple steps below.

• The first thing to do is make sure you familiarise yourself with the blog, read the last few posts and even the comments so that you can gauge the audience as well as the writer. A pitch should always be tailored to the specific blog otherwise the story won’t get a look in.

• Engage with the blog before pitching. Follow the blog on social networking sites, comment on a few entries on the site, that way your name won’t necessarily be out of the blue when it comes to the pitch.

• Make sure your pitch is concise and to the point. The majority of bloggers have full-time jobs therefore they don’t have time to wade through a mountain of long e-mails so a snappy pitch is always best. For additional impact incorporate a bit of flattery, a sentence saying how much you loved their blog post from two weeks ago will always be much appreciated.

• Bloggers enjoy a bit of tit for tat – so once a piece has been written on a blog following the pitch, make sure you promote it via your social networking profiles as well. This will encourage new visitors to the blog and will mean that the blogger is more likely to feature anything you may pitch to them in the future.      

As bloggers become more influential in the PR sphere, they are becoming increasingly inundated with pitches therefore standing out from the overcrowded PR mass is tricky, but hopefully following the simple steps above, social media agencies will be able to increase their blogger pitching success rate. 


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