What Businesses Need to Know About Twitter Brand Pages

Emilie Legrand
Account Executive
Punch Communications
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 A few months ago, Twitter released new brand pages to help companies get more out of their social media experience. These brand pages are not yet available to everybody so it might be a while before you’re able to set one up for your business, but they act as an interesting response to comparable branding options available from other social media sites such as Facebook and Google+. Let’s take a look at the key changes available on these new brand pages…

The banner

One of the biggest additions to the Twitter brand pages is the ability to have a banner beneath the profile information at the top of the page. According to information from Twitter, this is an 835x90 header that companies can use for an image, logo or other branding material to help make their page more distinctive. 

The top tweet

Recently, you may have seen ‘promoted tweets’ popping up from time to time in your Twitter feed. In a similar vein, the brand pages allow businesses to promote a tweet, meaning that they can effectively pin it to the top of their timeline. This is a feature that aims to give companies the chance to feature their most important content, which could be useful for events such as product launches.

Also, if that featured tweet contains an image or video, it will automatically open so that as much content as possible is displayed.

These are the two main additions that have been made for the Twitter branding pages, which you can already see on the pages for companies such as McDonald’s, American Express and Dell, to name just a few. The pages were initially launched in the US with 21 partners, and they have since made their way to the UK and Japan.

Companies making use of the branding pages can also keep their content fresh by altering their header or promoted tweet when they need to. It is hoped that once these branding pages become more popular, it will help to provide even more avenues for businesses to connect with users through Twitter, providing them with ways to make their pages more distinctive and memorable.

The new pages offer much more control in terms of customisation, so that companies can tailor their Twitter presence to the best of their advantage. They might not yet be all that prevalent, but with time, hopefully these new enhanced profile pages will achieve their goal of providing users and businesses with a richer Twitter experience than ever before.


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