Why businesses should look to a candidate’s social media profile before hiring them

Emilie Legrand
Account Executive
Punch Communications
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With unemployment continually rising, competition for roles is rife and businesses are increasingly gaining the upper-hand when it comes to recruitment. In order for companies to ensure they are recruiting the best possible candidate, HR managers should explore the social media profile of any of the potential employees that have been shortlisted.

Anyone seeking social media jobs will be aware of the fact that some employers already do this and is just simply a part of their recruitment process, the same can be said when seeking employment within PR agencies. However, examining the social media profiles of job-seekers is becoming an increasingly popular procedure for employers in different industries.

There are a number of reasons as to why this trend is growing in popularity amongst businesses: a lot can be gauged from somebody’s social media profile and with the new Facebook timeline being rolled out, in which users are able to see a persons complete Facebook history, job-seekers will no longer be able to hide behind deleted images and posts.

Although many are now doing so, still more businesses should examine the social media profiles of a potential employee because it will bring to light whether the person might be right for the company or not. Viewing the Facebook page of a potential employee and seeing things such as inappropriate images or status updates that might be rude, offensive or include vulgar words are going to be off-putting to a recruiter, compared to a Facebook page in which a person engages with and shares content relating to their field of employment.

Any social media agency would agree, a job-seeker should clean up their social networking profiles and be professional and realistic about the fact that companies do actually research these sites; and businesses should use social media when recruiting in order to make sure they employ the right person to fit within the company, both professionally and socially.   


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