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FusePump’s recently appointed UK commercial director Sean McAuley, outlines some of the tactics merchants and publishers can employ to ensure their product data is distributed more effectively and achieves better ROI through the affiliate channel

Despite most merchants and publishers now recognising data feeds as a powerful source of income, many still consider them as serving the sole purpose of supplying product data to key partners. However, this perception fails to appreciate the true value that data feeds can deliver in terms of ROI.

At FusePump, we pride ourselves on providing rich, high-quality data feeds to key partners on behalf of our clients, but we also channel a lot of time and investment into helping our clients present this valuable information as creatively as possible to maximise on potential ROI.

For example, with Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs), one of the ways merchants can increase ROI is by using the basic feed to create bespoke promotional text. Many CSEs have space for promotional text on their site for each product you supply to them via your product data feed. This promotional message is typically populated by merchants with delivery, warranty or discount messages, but you also have the opportunity to create custom promotional text within the data feed and highlight details such as specific delivery times.

Such an approach could be particularly beneficial in the run up to busy periods such as Christmas. When you consider the statistics relating to Christmas order delivery times you can start to appreciate the advantages of highlighting delivery information:

Christmas delivery stats (according to eConsultancy):

–      46% expect to leave gift shopping to the last minute

–      Just 33% expect that last minute orders will arrive on time. 

–      40% don't trust the retailer to deliver on time, but are willing to give it a go 

–      27% expect last minute orders to be late

Therefore, why not highlight your delivery times and last dates for delivery within your feed? This way you control the uncertainty, while the customer can be more confident their delivery will arrive on time at the point of purchase.

But it’s not just how you present your data feeds that can improve ROI. Another area we encourage merchants to focus on is how these are distributed. FusePump has invested a lot of time in ensuring that the distribution of product data feeds does not stop at the ‘big’ publishers. It’s equally important to make this data available to all publishers across your affiliate channel. So what is the best way of doing this?

The answer is surprisingly simple: by using our affiliate tools.

The targeted affiliate tools we’ve built and optimised over the past two and a half years have been based on feedback from affiliates of all shapes and sizes. And we continue to work extremely closely with them to ensure our tools address their needs in the most effective way. FusePump don’t simply give a dump of data to affiliates and expect them to “get on with it”; we have built simple, easy to use tools that allow affiliates to easily segment and customise data feeds to perfectly match the schema of their website.

We have also created content and display tools powered by our data feeds to enable content and blog focussed affiliates to get products in front of their website visitors. Our AdCreator and WidgetCreator tools are very simple five-step tools allowing affiliates to create bespoke content and control the product types displayed within the ads on their websites. Furthermore, the ads only ever need to be configured and deployed once, as they are powered by a data feed updated daily with the latest product information and attributes, so the affiliate can be confident it’s always displaying accurate information.

Top Tips for ensuring your data feeds deliver ROI:

Email Marketing – Be intelligent about how you recommend products. Use product attributes to recommend products with the same price range, brand and/or promotion.

PPC Marketing – Only include products in your PPC feed that are in stock. Don’t allow customers to click on products links that aren’t available to buy. This will decrease your CPC and increase your ROI.

Retargeting – Give your potential customers confidence in your brand and products by always using the best (forward-facing) image and including a star rating if it’s available

Google – Increase the quality of traffic you are attracting to your site by optimising your product title and including product attributes such as brand, gender and size.

CSEs – Use your promotional text attributes and exclude products under a certain price range to increase your ROI and hit your COS targets.

Facebook – Always include a share or like and buy button next to all products to integrate your Facebook paid search, as well as drive traffic to your Facebook product page. Make it go viral!

And finally, make sure your feed itself is updated every day. Broken links and out-of-date information will cost you both customers and money!

FusePump prides itself on providing rich, high quality data feeds to key partners on behalf of clients, but also channels a lot of time and investment into helping clients present this valuable information as creatively as possible to maximise potential ROI. If you would like to find out more please visit



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