It's not down the back of the sofa - it's in your business

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You’ve just made a 40% cost saving by switching to desktops-as-a-service for the IT delivery model for your business.  IT spending can be a revenue drain and often when you least expect it. So the respite feels expansive and affords you the chance to look at areas of your business that you know can drive growth with a little more attention.

Starting with marketing. Gartner recently reported on the new power of marketing departments as independent technology buyers within companies (Maverick Research: Marketing is the new IT powerhouse, October 2011). Marketing’s responsibility for the customer relationship, now added to by real product development influence, has grown its place in the planning process.

Marketers see new technology services as key to growth and are becoming increasingly creative and technology-rich in their quest to use innovation to engage customers. If you invest your IT cost savings into your marketing you will likely be signing up to doing things in some pretty unique ways.

Or is productivity key for you? Building your portfolio of productivity tools, such as collaboration applications that provide increased communication, can simplify and align processes for greater collective output. With a little extra cash in your pocket, now might be a good time to delve into the new wave of invention and call it into your sphere.

In an appeal to your entrepreneurial spirit, I’ll proffer that with this financial you focus on advancing your long-term goals and some of those special projects you divined when you first set out on this journey. This moment can be a springboard from working in the business, to on the business, to working on the future of the business. Are you ready to move beyond having a successful and sustainable company to being an industry game-changer, and how will you do it?

As for us, we’re always looking for ways to slash the superfluous and realise our dream of growing into an online application portal and being a link between business owners and the providers of the very technology services I’ve been referring to here.  

In all of this, IT continues to have a role, but it will be in adapting to the wonderful new ways organisations are creating growth. We’ll see you there.

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