The quirks of how we work

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It’s fascinating, the way we do things. 

Like the way we manage information. This is something we all do that’s a testament to our unique identities and the individuality that we bring to our lives and work.

Here at iFollowOffice, we spend time understanding work styles and sensitivities, as they are critical in determining whether we deliver a successful project. We look for insights into the attitudes people have towards information (reflexes and inclinations to change habit) and the factors that are impacting and changing the way we are manage our lives through technology (integration of personal with work technologies and the pure pace of information exchange and flow). Let’s consider. 

Is there a difference? Take the influence of our personality on our technology and the extent to which personal technology is enmeshed in the fabric of our existence. Add to that the fact that we are using our personal devices for work more and more, and it is unlikely that the way we behave towards information management will change if the technology and tools are personal or for work.

Can we keep up? A casualty of the new pace of things is our capacity to truly manage our information. With so much being hurled at us, when can we find the time to sit down and create order in our digital lives? For this reason we tend to stick to the status quo and the tools and work styles we are accustomed to using.

What works for us? While there may be systems in place for us to follow, when our instinct for order differs from those of someone else, we’ll often revert to what’s natural for us. Often without much thought. Practice and discipline can change all of that but the systems need to be logical for us.

For some people, change comes as fluidly as adopting the latest application release. For others, who are being encouraged to unlearn die-hard habits, change comes with a greater degree of care and attention. But come it does.   

A switch to a fresher working environment allows you to remain free to use the technology you want, keep up with the volume of your information, and access and control it in a familiar way. Hosted virtual desktops are a good option if this appeals to you.

So let’s think again about the way we do things. There’s no right or wrong to any of it but I can be sure in saying that streamlining and refreshing systems and processes makes for good information management in periods of transition.

I also have considerable respect for the individual logic that drives our ability to be productive and creative. If everyone’s logic were the same the world would be boring, like if there was no art. We can create both works of art within our working worlds as well as works of chaos. They are the masterpieces of our own intuition – and for all their quirks, they make total sense.



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