Business Energy Explained - part 2

James Newhouse
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Last week, I talked about a few things that small businesses could do to save money on their energy tariffs. This week, I wanted to expand briefly on this.
Going back to the letter of termination that you will need to send some 8 or so weeks before the contract termination date. have kindly supplied us with a sample template for each letter (one for each tariff if you are not on a dual fuel tariff) and these can be found here.
It's pretty easy to use these to get your letter constructed, you don't have to write an essay, a simple letter informing your supplier that you want to terminate the contract on the expiry date is enough.
My advice would be to send the letter by recorded delivery, as you'll know when they've received it, because they will have to sign for it. This can help prevent conflict in the unlikely event that your supplier does not cooperate.
Energy Management Software is available for your company. This can take many forms and fulfill many purposes, but you’re likely going to want to look into real-time metering and light management. 
Using data from past bills to set a baseline, an EMS system can generate comparison reports, and as more and more data is gathered, you should be able to identify some areas where you can begin to save money. For instance, if you notice your consumption spiking at specific times, perhaps a timer in your lighting system is not set properly, or malfunctioning, causing the spike at the same time each day. This is only one example of what could happen, once the system is up and running, who knows what it could reveal about a business’ energy consumption?
Engagement and automation systems actively adapt a building’s energy consumption to react to any number of real world events. This could be the staff switching on their computers, the lights coming on, the temperature outside (and inside) changing and anything else you can imagine that would affect the building’s energy efficiency. The system would automatically make adjustments to keep the power consumption within a set range, or below a certain point, or simply manage the energy usage in a way that is most efficient.


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