On-Line Videos – Why all the hype?

Jeremy Bentley
Marketing Director
The Fink Agency
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 If you are a business owner, work in a marketing department or have your own web site you have probably noticed that people are starting to talk more about on-line videos along with social media marketing. On-line videos have become a very easy source of information for consumers, customers and any one else who has access to the internet.


Early viral videos such as “The Dancing Baby” were a good indication of the potential that video sharing had within networks. Word of mouth advertising had just evolved


YouTube made a bit impact to the internet by allowing just about anyone to upload their own videos and share them with the world, giving people freedom of expression and also control over what they wanted to watch. It also opened up the flood gates for viral videos by allowing the process of sharing videos to be easier and accessible to a wider audience with the explosion of social networking sites.


A few clever marketers caught onto all of this at an early stage, but the majority of the success came because people who were uploading content that other people wanted to see. Ordinary people were doing reviews on products that they had bought and uploaded with the intention to share this with other people who had similar interests. Niche markets that usually did not get a lot of attention now had the opportunity to attract like minded people and so YouTube grew. Information and technology had taken on another medium, its name was video and people were hungry for it.


The beauty of video is that it conveys emotion along with the factual content (well…whether it’s factual or not is up for the viewer to decide!).

You can create a sense of feeling surrounding what ever it is that you are show casing by using different camera techniques, lighting, colours, music, settings, tone of voice, facial expressions ect. 


If you create a good video that people find either amusing, interesting or informative then it stands a good chance to be shared. Trying to make a video with the sole purpose for it to go viral will be difficult. Some of the most successful on-line videos are created by accident and only because the camera was in the right place at the right time. Be prepared to give away free information, “How to” videos are the most searched keywords in YouTube and you can easily become an industry expert if good quality (from an information and aesthetic point of view) videos are uploaded onto your channel.


Thanks for reading and all the best in your latest pursuit!


Jeremy Bentley

The Fink Agency



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