It’s important to still reach for the moon in tough times

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It’s no good moaning about the present economic cycle being tough; the reality is that it’s likely to be this way for some more years yet. People tell me that I am lucky to be achieving double digit growth this year over last year. Lucky maybe, but it’s not enough. I didn’t come into business to be average; I want to be the best and aim for the moon.

The question that I am asking myself at the moment is how to “get the buzz back”? How to get back onto the stellar growth path that we’ve enjoyed over the previous couple of years. I can use the excuses: we’ve consolidated, we’re in a competitive market, we’re in the worst recession known outside wartime, and it’s all somebody else’s fault, blah,blah.

However, the bottom line is that we as business people have to take responsibility; we have to have the drive and creativity to be better than our competitors, to grow despite the recession and above all to make lots and lots of money.

I am a firm believer in keeping my focus, not being distracted by seemingly easy options, being the very best at what I do and how I do it. At we sell ink - simples! Everybody on my team also knows that there are 30 million printers in the UK and we can supply cartridges for every single one of them - well all except for two! Therefore, we have a huge potential market and we are barely scratching the surface. So ignore the recession, ignore the competition, ignore the naysayers, there is stacks of business out there that we can take and process.

How to gain market share?

Marketing is the answer:

  • Examine your routes to market  
  • Look at what is working and what isn’t
  • Have a think about different routes into vertical sectors within your marketplace.  

We have always specialised in selling on the internet, and more specifically in using organic search for our business. That still goes on, but I’ve got a sackful of fresh ideas to kick start our business again. I’m not going to share them with you just yet because I want to see if they’ll work first.  

I am not losing my focus, but I am exploring other routes to market, other avenues, other opportunities to sell my ink cartridges and it is exciting again. I’ve got my buzz back and I’m coming in to work in the morning with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. Some will work and some will bomb, but watch out moon, we’re on our way.


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