Online engagement strategies are key to a brand's success

Kirsty Shaw
Account Manager
Punch Communications
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Online engagement is now much wider than having a great website; ensuring your brand is represented correctly on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ is now more important than ever before.


Engagement through social media should be approached in a totally different manner than other online PR and marketing activities. Communicating to consumers through a website or advertising is an opportunity for a brand to broadcast to audiences about themselves, whereas social media should be much more of an engaging conversation. Here are a few top tips to make your brands online presence more engaging to a current and potential customer base:


Consider why a consumer should be engaged with your profiles; are you giving them insider information, offers, money off, the opportunity to shape new products or feedback on current products/services? Consider the benefits to a customer of being a fan of your profile, or following your feed.


Conversation, not broadcast; it’s not called ‘social’ media for nothing. Ensure you are challenging your fans to get involved, ask questions and opinions to help engage them in the brand.


Understand what your fans want; the simplest way to find this out – ask them! By knowing who your fans are and what they want from the brand interaction is the best way to know how your online presence should be shaped.


Time your updates; updating your social media profiles once a day with five posts is not the best way to gain brand engagement, instead this will annoy fans, populating their news feeds with too much information. Instead, update the brand profiles in a timely manner and consider when most of your fans will be online; lunchtime, before and after work and evenings,


Content calendars; it is important that you have a bank of activity and engaging posts available in your armoury as well as updating on an ad-hoc basis. This helps to maintain a consistent tone of voice whilst also incorporating brand messages.


Add some pizzazz with imagery and video; a great way to keep posts fresh and engaging is to include relevant and interesting images and video. Make these relevant to your brand whether it be a new product image or interesting videos, they will all help to encourage engagement amongst fans.


Whether you are utilising the services of a Social Media Agency or managing your online engagement in-house, following these tips will ensure engagement in your brand is maximised.


Kirsty Shaw is an account manager at PR, social media and SEO agency, Punch Communications. Punch is based in the UK and delivers integrated services for local and global, B2B and B2C clients.


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