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Driving along the M4 the other day I found myself following a large truck whose only branding was a very large QR code displayed on its back doors with the message ‘please use safely’. I am not sure what the point of this piece of marketing was. I certainly could not get out my smart phone and zap the QR code whilst driving and the size of the truck pretty much ensured that it would never be parked in any area where I might be passing by on foot, be fascinated enough to find out which company the truck belonged to and what they wanted to tell me about themselves.

I have always assumed that the point of branding a vehicle was to promote a company or product as it went about its daily business and this makes perfect sense but if the branding is not clear how can it deliver a result? The QR truck is a prime example of not thinking through the effectiveness of a marketing initiative.

Marketing is about delivering a message in a concise meaningful way and I am all for using every tool available, including QR codes if applicable, but using anything for the sake of it just does not work. If you start with defining the goal of each marketing initiative, decide who do you want to engage with and how they like to be communicated with, it keeps you on track and makes sure you plan, design and implement correctly and then you will see the results you are looking for.


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