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Generic marketing tends to lead to all your collateral and communication tools talking about you – a chance to show off your company and your products and services but very little about the prospect and the world they live in. A make and sell approach. Customer centric marketing is about directing your business towards customer’s needs and communicating the value to each chosen target market.

Selling a product or service on its merits alone no longer works – you need to communicate the value to each prospect showing that you understand their requirements and their environment. And the good news is following a customer centric approach means a higher return on your marketing investment.

So how do you go about this? Firstly you need to get a true understanding of what is important to each target market and alter your positioning accordingly not forgetting to take into account the state of the economy and any other social influences. Once you have refined your message for each prospect type you can communicate in a much more meaningful way.

For example if you are selling accounting software the pitch would be very different depending on a number of things – level of expertise (bookkeeper versus financial director) company structure (sole trader versus multinational), business (manufacturer versus service provider) and current financial position. One message could not only put one or the other type of prospect off with them assuming you do not provide the right solution to match their wants it just might put both of them off because the message is too generic and not tailored to either’s needs. In this case creating two messages concentrating on each target market will create the opportunities you are looking for to generate more leads and increase sales.

Today’s marketing tools and channels allow you to do this affordably so the question to ask yourself is can you afford not to.


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