why customers can help you sell more - Part Two

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An interview with Carey Smith from Growing Business Videos who specialize in producing sales and marketing videos for clients of all sizes and across industry sectors designed to help increase sales.

Before we talk about the medium of video why do you think it is important to use customers as a sales and marketing tool?

The two main things that existing customers bring to the sales cycle is credibility and reassurance – they have experienced the reality of being a customer. An analogy I often use is booking hotels – we are all use to looking up a hotel on Trip Advisor to read customer reviews before we decide on where to stay and the further the product and service you are considering is away from a commodity the more you need to rely on references.

So why video?

The problem is people don’t necessarily believe the words they read on the internet and they also heavily discount what a company says about themselves. The power of video comes from its ability to transmit emotional messages such as credibility, honesty and trust which for a business is kind of like gold dust.

Gold dust?

The reason it is like gold dust is that the customer acquisition process is mostly about instilling credibility and trust and to a much smaller extent imparting information – potential customers need to trust that a company will be able to deliver. And for complex products or services building up this trust takes a long time – using the insight of your existing customers delivered on video accelerates the development of trust and speeds up the sales cycle.

The way that video transfers trust is the body language and tone of voice that you don’t get with text. Human beings are finely tuned to spot bullshit and blather and they can equally recognize when someone is being authentic. You also have the power of editing which allows you to be selective about which parts of the experience are shared.

What is important to keep in mind when creating a video case study?

It is not just a case of setting up a camera and hitting the start button. Firstly a true understanding of what needs to be achieved has to be researched and to do that you need to know what the barriers are in the sales cycle that are stopping a prospect from buying. This is where the customer insight video becomes a true selling tool. The person creating the video needs to understand the business first and foremost as well as having good strong interview techniques to ensure the customer delivers the message that is needed.

But as with anything in sales and marketing – video customer case studies need to be not just produced but used well. They can be used in many ways and not just for in-bound marketing initiatives available on your website or YouTube, they can also play an important part of any out-bound marketing campaign by targeting the right video to the right prospect at the right time.

Carey at be contacted at - [email protected] phone - 01273 911878


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