Why Marketing must not be put on the back burner

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There are more and more companies getting rid of their internal marketing team in order to cut costs. This is a frightening time for businesses looking to survive without having strong growth plans in place or if the plans are in place without having the internal resources to see through the execution. The problem lies in the cost – but is this a case of being short sighted? Well of course I would say yes. So the question is how do you make sure you keep your brand at the forefront of prospects minds, generate leads and sales while controlling costs?

It does not have to be an all or nothing situation. Out-sourcing is becoming more and more attractive to businesses and some of the big guys are doing just that. So for the SME’s it is certainly something that should be looked at very seriously.

I speak to many companies who have reduced head count and as a result overload their existing staff by expecting them to handle the marketing initiatives while carrying out their normal duties not surprisingly affecting their performance in both areas. Or in some cases they just put marketing activities on the back burner and then wonder why sales dry up. I would recommend the following

  1. Review your historical marketing activities and see if there is a better more cost effective way to achieve the company’s growth. If you are not sure what improvements could be made talk to some experts who have the knowledge to show you how you can make the most out of your marketing budget. Working with someone who lives and breathes marketing and understands how to build an effective marketing plan could be a great cost saving exercise.
  2. If you have the ideas and know what you want to achieve remember the time consuming part is the project management of each initiative and campaign. Consider out-sourcing this part of a project to ensure it gets done without using costly internal resource time.

It is not only those companies with no internal marketing resources in place that should consider out-sourcing if you find your marketing plan is not being fulfilled internally maybe it is a case of needing help in just some areas. Often the day to day marketing activities get forgotten when a big project needs to be dealt with and this can greatly affect lead generation and sales.

I believe the art of successful marketing is to set up continual communication channels and there are ways to have these operating in the background taking the pressure off you and the team. Rather than putting marketing on the back burner look to work with someone who can make sure it is the top of their agenda, working to your budget and delivering results. Then you can concentrate on everything else.


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