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With so many ways to communicate in today’s world we really cannot be lazy when it comes to keeping in touch with prospects and customers. The trouble is many SME’s do not have regular communication channels set up or have the resources in place to keep on top of this kind of initiative and as a result continue operating ‘business as usual’.

But how important is it? Well just imagine this – one or more of your competitors might be communicating regularly with your clients keeping them abreast on how they can supply them, how they can help them and why they are a better option for them while you assume that your clients are happy with the service you are providing and then wham you have lost them. Not necessarily because of quality, price or customer support but simply because your competitor has done a better job of making them feel important.

Everyone is bombarded with positioning messages from all sorts of companies and it is the one that is at the forefront of your mind that gets the attention. Don’t be afraid of annoying people if your communications are pertinent and informative they will be welcomed. Busy people do not have time to find out things for themselves they want the hard work to be done for them and they expect their vendors to come to them.

It is much tougher now – your competitors can get their message to your clients faster, easier and more affordably and you cannot risk not doing the same. Whether you use social media, direct mail, email marketing or a higher level of customer support with regular outbound communication it is vital that you inform customers of new improvements, products and services rather than waiting for them to ask. And of course you can also use the same format to attract new customers – your competitors will so shouldn’t you too?


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