Why you sometimes have to stick your neck out

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On Chris Evan’s breakfast programme last Friday his guest Bear Grylls reminded me of one of my favourite bits of advice ‘Behold the turtle – he only makes progress when he sticks his neck out’

It is all too easy to keep doing what we are doing day in day out but we are effectively standing still so if you are looking to grow your business this year it is time to stick your neck out and try new things. This might be a case of easier said than done but again keeping the turtle in mind small but continual steps are the way to implement change reviewing the progress along the way and if you keep this in mind a lot of things can be achieved without too much pain.

So for example – if you decide to embrace social media for your company the first thing you have to do is be honest with yourself – how much time do you have to manage this initiative? Do you have a resource available to actually make an impact? Writing a blog every once in a while or occasionally going onto Twitter to retweet or onto a LinkedIn forum to respond to a comment will achieve nothing. But if you put into your weekly schedule (either for yourself or a resource) time to research and write a blog and publish one a week using tools available to make people aware of it you will start to make an impact. If you assign a time each day to twitter – sorting your followers into groups so you can easily find interesting comments to retweet and use LinkedIn as a business tool rather than something you have just joined because someone told you to – your online presence will grow. Little and often is more effective than a big splash and will in the long term use up less of your or your team’s valuable time.

The same applies with customer communication. Regular emails or mailings with a small amount of pertinent information provides a better level of customer service than say one or two annual events (bi-annual newsletter or user group meeting for example) or even worse only responding when a customer contacts you. Again if set up as a regular small planned event it is less intrusive in your working routine than a major event – implement change in a controlled workable manner and review the success regularly.

Business Growth often depends on trying new things and making changes when required so rather than burying your head in the sand stick your neck out and move forward in the right direction using slow but effective steps reviewing and changing when applicable and success will follow.


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