Why your website needs to look in the mirror

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I have a routine each morning when it comes to deciding what to wear. A day in the office can be more casual than a day with a client meeting on the agenda. Why? Because I want to make the right impression and what I wear can affect how I go about my business – dressing appropriately helps me do my job. And it is not only me – I can tell when I arrive at work who among the team have meetings booked that day simply by how they are dressed and even what kind of client they are seeing – more cool and casual for the creative agency types, suits and clean smart shoes for the corporates.

Initial meetings are the one chance a business person has to convince a prospect that they should take the time to learn how the product or service on offer can help them. How someone is dressed, the business card and other collateral they might leave behind all have to make the right impression and if the meeting is at the business’s own premises the design and décor of the office needs to match the product or service that are being provided. It is all about building confidence in the company’s ability to be a potential vendor.

I know you all know this – but the point of this blog is to ask a simple question. Does your website make the grade? Does it portray you and your company in the best light? Does it make someone want to talk to you about your products and services? Or does it resemble that old grey suit that is hanging in the back of the cupboard that no longer fits, has frayed cuffs and a coffee stain on the lapel – you know the one, the one you would never dream of wearing to a meeting.

Get your website to look in the mirror and if you don’t think it looks great do something about it because most of your potential clients will review it long before you have the chance to don your Armani and arrive for the meeting with your Prada briefcase in hand stuffed full of beautifully designed brochures and your laser embossed business cards. Website appearances do matter.


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