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This is the first in a series of profiles of rapidly emerging technology companies in the NW. Author Malcolm Evans is a leading business angels specialist and a commentator on several sectors, including IT and advanced manufacturing. He says, "We are sharing company profiles as the scalability of bright ideas into real companies is absolutely key for economic recovery. This first profile is a fantastic company which will change the face of online marketing."

CANDDi is one of only two early stage companies in the Manchester area which we believe is currently creating significant and fundamental breakthrough technology within the commercial enterprise.

As such it is part of the new infrastructure, a key part of the jigsaw.

The company has just launched its first commercial offering into a major marketplace hotspot, instantly leveraging its software breakthrough with the raw commercial desire for its product.

Historically the IT quest for any commercial entity reliant on its customers has been control of its internal management processes and control of the sales ordering process. That baseline functionality has for some time been a given.

The emergent clamour is for better understanding and greater control of the potential customer, extending the sales reach way beyond the physical environment of the enterprise itself.

Phase one of this quest has been delivered by the Internet. Phase two – where CANDDi is driving the way – is equipping the internet with new muscle, developing it from a marketing platform into an active sales tool.

It is all about data – data capture, data aggregation, data analysis and data usage. CANDDi’s exceptional technology cleverness is that it can deal with multiple data sources simultaneously and make sense of that data elegantly and usefully in real time.

Data is sourced through a combination of web analytics, CRM systems and personal information search. The output is a transformational richness of profiling, a must-have for the sales and marketing departments of just about any commercial, customer-facing corporation with serious online ambitions.

The sector is prospect analytics. The objective is to increase the generally very low conversion rates from visits to web sites into enquiries and sales. The reward for anyone who can deliver on this dream is phenomenal demand from major web retailers.

CANDDi is delivering. In the few short weeks since first stage product has been available, substantial sales have been booked and doors have been opening at the highest levels of international corporations.

Whilst CANDDi ticks all the boxes in the Funding Enterprise eradical model, it also stakes out compelling claims as a fundamental software play, a real rarity in this country,

Having worked closely with CANDDi for some time, we believe that the company will achieve a spectacular development velocity and emerge as one of the leading UK internet IT successes of its generation.


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