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– second in a series of research notes by Funding Enterprise on the highest potential NW earlier stage prospects for 2012

Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS) migrates organisations’ on-premise collaboration and productivity IT systems to the cloud.

It does so with a sophistication of IT integration capability, business process knowledge and technology leadership that has led to it recently being officially labelled Europe’s fastest growing cloud company.

The cloud is a radical realignment of business IT functionality from internal desktops and servers to remote hosting, whereby software is accessed in its moment of demand, hence the label of Software as a Service (Saas).

The cloud is the most disruptive paradigm shift within business computing since the advent of the PC, representing a much fuller harnessing of the internet than has been achieved to date.

The coming of the cloud is presenting major commercial possibilities. There is a lot of froth, hype and misunderstanding around what the cloud is, where it is going, how to get there and what it can do for companies. Manchester-based CTS is rolling out a compelling and winning pathway into the cloud.

CTS has very rapidly established exponentially growing revenue and is now ramping up rapidly to exploit maximally the vast and recurrent revenue streams on offer.

The company has primed its exceptional velocity with its development of an exceptional technology nugget in the cloud goldrush. It has the best software tool for moving companies into the cloud and its leadership in this key area is widely recognised.

CTS both uses the tool and sells on the tool to other migrators, maximising its presence across the exceptionally fast developing migration marketplace. Major plans are underway to develop further the tool’s capabilities and marketplace range.

Companies which lead the landgrab phase, driving the migration to the cloud, will benefit going forwards not only from the annual subscription base they establish but also from the sales of complementary applications and, should they choose, own product. CTS is gearing up to be a leader in this ongoing enterprise software reconfiguration which is already starting to follow the initial migration phase.

CTS was comically mischaracterised recently by one local VC as “only a reseller”. Many parties do not realise that the cloud is the gateway to a new world of software alignment. Those who move quickly in the right direction can stake out quite amazing territorial advantage for ongoing leverage.

Having worked with CTS on its positioning, strategy and development for some time, we believe it is one of two Manchester IT companies which is amassing really significant IP (the other is CANDDi). Market opportunity and a compelling Eradical model can also create major success, but CTS is blessed with the enviable level of fundamental breakthrough innovation which can enable exceptional success.

Author Malcolm Evans is one of the UK's leading smaller company and technology business funding specialists.


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