The pros and cons of digital printing

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The popularity of digital printing has continued to increase to meet the demand of faster timelines, lower quantities and lower cost. So the question is with this option being quicker and cheaper, where does it leave this method in terms of quality? Here are a few of the pros and cons of digital printing.


It’s quick. This is likely to be the best option if you’re working to a deadline, and can’t afford to have any time wasted on a longer printing process.

It’s cheaper. Digital printing is ideal if you need a smaller amount of copies (less than 1000). This makes it a lot more cost effective than litho printing. It’s also ideal for smaller businesses that haven’t got a big budget, but they can still get good quality printing.

It’s flexible. If for any reason there needs to be changes to your printing material, then digital printing gives you the option to do so easily whenever you need to.

Less waste. One of its best traits is that you have more control of exactly how many copies you want, rather than having to buy in bulk. This means there will be less waste if you over order and have to just throw them away. Everybody likes saving money and the environment, it's a win/win. Choosing eco-friendly digital printing means you can do both.


More expensive to print higher quantities. Although you may need your copies quickly, if you need a higher quantity of copies (1000+) it would be more cost effective to use litho printing.

Fewer materials available to print on. Although digital printing has come a long way and starting to catch up with litho printing, it’s not quite there yet. So it still doesn’t have as much of a wide range of paper, inks and finishes.

Unable to colour match. Digital printing is always improving, but it still isn’t able to match the colour quality of litho printing. Digital printers use a process with four colours, whereas litho printing uses a wider variety of inks to produce a more accurate colour.

The quality isn’t quite as good as litho. Although both methods of printing have a high quality finish, if you want it to be the best it can be then you will probably want to use a litho printer. The two aren’t miles apart but digital just falls short.

Digital printing is evolving more and more everyday, which makes it invaluable to keep up with modern printing trends. The ability to quickly print quality copies, whilst saving money is the perfect option for people with deadlines and a small budget. If you don’t want a large amount of copies then digital printing is definitely the right choice, and will be way more cost effective than ordering in bulk. Both digital and litho have their own benefits, which is why the pros and cons are worth taking into consideration.


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